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Diebels Alt - Sodom - Sodom : 1995-2001


  1. Mebei says:Aug 02,  · Onkel Tom Angelripper (born in Gelsenkirchen, Germany on , real name - Thomas Such, favourite beer - "Diebels Alt", local german beer), the voice of renown Sodom at his best, singing about beer, schnapps (or, let us say, booze) and other fun stuff like that. His music is st.
  2. Vujin says:Sodom celebrate this year their 20 years of existence: 20 years of Sodomy and Lust. So happy beers' day Sodom, cheers and prost with a Diebels Alt (Tom Angelripper's fave beer).Seen as the German answer by the time to Venom and Motörhead what an honor for the band to play after Wacken's headliner' s from this year with a great performance and show by the way.

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